2012 YIR: Quarter 2 Update

I can hardly believe the year is already over half gone. I am still loving 2012. Though there have been some big bugs to hit the windshield, I am thrilled this journey is continuing. So many good things have already come to pass, and I’m excited to see what’s next.

I am afraid, though, as it is the middle of the year, and the dog days of summer have hit with a vengeance, my intentions may have fallen to the wayside a bit. I guess this exercise is a good accountability mechanism. I keep telling myself “just wait until August, and life will get back to normal” but as I look at my calendar for that month, September, November, and December, I know that’s not true. Mercy, can it be 2012 feels as if it is already gone?

Anyways, here are updates on what is worth updating.

1. Run.

10K completed in my personal goal time. I fell out of running faithfully afterward. And go figure, the week I commit to start my training for the half-marathon the heat wave settles in over Michigan. I tried running on Monday but gave up after 20 minutes once nausea from the intense heat and sun hit. I’m determined to run this half-marathon, but not at the risk of my health.

2. Enter New Territory.

Still no new territory. But I’ve been traveling plenty. I was gone at least one day of each weekend for May and June with the exception of the last weekend of June–which was half July.

3. Write.

I’ve written in my personal journal more, and worked a little on a personal writing project, but other goals have remained stagnant.

8. Love Networking.

Still working on this. I’m loving networking with people I know, which I feel only half counts. But I feel like I’m learning how to be social in a smart way that is also personally rewarding through new, genuine friendships made.

12. Develop New Intentions.

This isn’t my first blog. I used to write on xanga. I want to archive those entries. For now I’m going to do so on Evernote, and then hopefully save them as pdf. Maybe eventually I’ll print them out and put them in a book, a personal one, with favorite entries from journals and photos, and….okay. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. If I can get the xanga entries on Evernote by the end of September, I’ll be happy.

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  1. Oy..I haven’t done any goal reviews this year. I kinda cringe when I try to remember my resolutions..

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