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Dijon Mushroom Meatless Cutlets

Oh, Pinterest. My cooking hobby would not be what it is today without the aid of this addicting wonderful website. Browsing brings so many ideas of new dishes to experiment with in my kitchen. Usually, I follow the recipes I select pretty closely at first. Sometimes they seep into longterm memory, and I […]

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The Search for General Tso

When we finished with the rehearsal for Rachel’s wedding last November, the party headed out for the dinner at NBC Seafood Company in Pasadena. Just looking at the name of the restaurant on the wedding weekend time line, I assumed that it was some sort of fish and seafood restaurant. […]


Work Lunch Hack: Microwave Rice

After failing all of last week in packing homemade lunches for work, this morning I pulled the fridge open anticipating some need for creativity in pulling together my brown bag given that we were out of town over the weekend and I had not yet made it to the grocery […]

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Magnificent Morning Muffins

When relaying the story of how I burned my nose, I mentioned that I was salvaging some vegetables. What I didn’t explain was that I had to come up with several recipes on the fly to salvage a whole bunch of fruit and veggies. My family had been on a […]

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The Move: Preparations

I started this blog when I moved to Charlottesville three years ago in August. Hard to believe, but in three weeks I’ll be moving away. Where to? I don’t know…but my lease is up and I’ve graduated, so that means it’s time to go. I’ve definitely been thinking about Abraham […]