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Dijon Mushroom Meatless Cutlets

Oh, Pinterest. My cooking hobby would not be what it is today without the aid of this addicting wonderful website. Browsing brings so many ideas of new dishes to experiment with in my kitchen. Usually, I follow the recipes I select pretty closely at first. Sometimes they seep into longterm memory, and I […]


And the Correct Answer Is…

Most people only see a serious side of my husband, but Mo definitely likes to have a good time too. One of his favorite things to do is play games. If we are hanging out with people, they are likely to get roped into playing Monopoly (yawn) or Prince Pauper […]


A Pianist’s Joy

It would probably be generous to call me a pianist. I haven’t taken a formal lesson in fifteen years, and had not played on a regular basis after that until about two years ago. When Mo was brought to pastor his current churches, they both were desiring a pianist to assist […]

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Amusing Ames Redesign

How do you like the new look? Pretty sweet, huh? Let’s just say that it was time to renovate my blog. To be honest, the inspiration kind of came from (binge) watching different house flipping shows online (Fixer Upper is my current personal favorite). What’s the parallel? Well, you see, […]