Developing Personal Style

I have loved following Unfancy for some time now. Though I have not yet developed a capsule wardrobe, which is how the blog first developed, I’m drawn to the site because I tend to be choosy when it comes to purchasing my clothing. Earlier today, I was feeling a little frumpy in an overstretched cardigan and old dress pants. I started thinking about how, at my age and stage in my career, I really need to find a way to develop my personal style better. What a happy coincidence that when I opened Feedly this evening, I found a guide for doing just that! I’m looking forward to tinkering with Caroline’s suggestions and see what comes about as a result.


  1. I love the capsule wardrobe idea! David definitely has a capsule wardrobe after following a clothes blog for men. I’ve always thought – that’s impossible for women! We can’t just wear the same thing over and over. Now, I have hope. LOL Here’s one thing that has helped me get rid of clothing and maximize future purchases – knowing my color “season”. Have you heard of it? I was first introduced to the idea by Cinda Osterman at a women’s retreat. I since bought my season color wheel and now use it for EVERY clothes purchase. It really helps narrow down options and makes it easy to get rid of those items that aren’t my color. I’ll be curious for your thoughts!

  2. Thanks Tennille! I’ve heard of seasons but haven’t done much looking into it yet. I’ll definitely have to check this out. 🙂

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