Everything I’ve Learned…

I just realized something as I reflected on this past week.  Everything I’ve been told I needed to know about law and etiquette this week, I learned from canvassing.

Example #1:  Lawyers cannot use futility as an excuse to attempt to keep their client from wrong doing.

Lawyers know the law.  As in house counsel, they know when those that they represent may be doing something wrong.  Even if they think that the people they are representing will not cease and disist from their wrongful behavior, the lawyer is obligated to tell the client they should stop, and why.

But I already learned this.  As canvassers, we can’t use futility as an excuse either.  We know God’s law in a way that non-believers don’t, and it’s up to us to tell those who are within our sphere of influence what He expects from us.  We knock on every door.  Even if we don’t think they’ll respond well.  Because the truth is, just as with the lawyers, you never know, the person you are telling may actually respond and get that book.

Example #2:  You must find creative ways of making friends quickly for networking sake.

When attending a social function hosted by your law firm, you are expected to network with a whole bunch of people you may not know.  Most people don’t like talking to strangers, it doesn’t come naturally to us, at least not to me.  But talk you must.  You can try talking about any random thing: their shirt, their practice area, whatever.  One of the most effective ways is to get people talking about themselves.  If this is still something you have trouble with, practice all the time: at the grocery store, mall, post office.

But this is something I also picked up how to do canvassing.  If you don’t want that door slammed on your face, and you want an opportunity to let the person know about the precious books you are carrying, you have to make friends quickly.  What did our leaders say?  Talk about the dog, their nice yard, their kids, what their hobbies are.  Find anything to talk about that they like so they can associate that with you.

Example #3: One minute commercial.

While networking with people, you need to have the one minute commercial of yourself so you can let people know who you are, who they are dealing with.

This is something else I learned canvassing.  Identify yourself, quickly (one minute is way too long), and explain what you are doing at the person’s door.  And keep it simple, that way, they can remember you.

To think, I earned money learning these lessons the first time…

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  1. sweet! you’re already a pro at this stuff! :]

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