I’m Back: An Update in Brief

It has been 20 months since my last post. At times I considered giving up blogging completely. Other times I thought about starting a new, more focused blog. But I reasoned I don’t stay on any one hobby or activity or interest area long enough to sustain a new blog. Then I realized what I liked most about writing on this blog in the past–sharing life experiences in the hopes that others might find amusement, encouragement, or something even useful. So, just for the joy of it, I am hoping to make a comeback on my own blog.

It’s definitely been too long for me to try and recap everything that has happened in almost two years. So, in no particular order, here are 20 things I have done, thought, missed, or that have changed or stayed the same in the last 20 months:

  1. Two more GYCs are in the book (Orland and Phoenix).
  2. Another childhood friend’s wedding is in the books, and I was privileged to be apart of her day. Rachel and Alvin are an amazing dentistry team as well as couple!
  3. Two days from now will mark my second workiversary. I love being a lawyer, and particularly what I do.
  4. I traveled to New Zealand.
  5. Cuba has been a lot on my mind, so I wrote about it. Twice.
  6. Due to other life changes, I have found myself the pianist at two churches.
  7. I ran my first half-marathon!
  8. Fellow former blogger Josephine tied the knot in Hawaii with the love of her life, Johnny. The wedding made an excellent excuse for another, special trip because…
  9. Did I mention I got married? Yeah. Maybe that’s part of why I’ve been distracted for the last couple years. Moise–or Mo–is the biggest blessing the Lord has brought into my life this side of Heaven. Too much to say, so you’ll just have to get to know him as time goes on.
  10. Because of Hawaii, I knocked another state off my bucket list. Only 11 more to go!
  11. I haven’t read as much as I would have liked, but I think the best book that I read in the time since I’ve been gone is Quiet.
  12. Though blogging fell by the wayside, I managed to pick up two new hobbies: hand lettering and card-making. I guess we’ll see how long they last!
  13. 2014 was a big year–I didn’t just get married. I turned 30.
  14. I’ve lost count of how many weddings I attended in this time (I’m not even close to documenting all of them on this list), but one of the one’s I went to was a secret wedding. Shhhh.
  15. I’ve still been cooking, but now I have a new name for the food that is made in our kitchen. #cuisineratsara
  16. For all of the changes that have happened, I’m still using the same computer I started this blog with. For anyone who cares, that means my computer is almost 8 years old. I think that is like 90 in human years. It must be an Adventist computer.
  17. We tried starting a supper club in the part of Michigan where I am living now. It didn’t take off, but I’m hoping that a renewed effort will yield something consistent.
  18. In the past Matthew 6 and Philippians 4 were theme chapters. Over the last 2o months I memorized both the book of Philippians and the Sermon on the Mount, as well as the book of James, Isaiah 55, and 1 Corinthians 13.
  19. Mo and I enjoy watching documentaries from time to time. Our favorites have been from PBS–How We Got to Now and The Roosevelts.
  20. I miss writing. So I’m looking forward to recording my musings. For anyone who stumbles upon this little cranny of the Internet, I hope you enjoy!


  1. Maybe I’ll join you soon in being back!

  2. Still waiting! 🙂

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