I like goals. They’re (usually) easily quantifiable, so I can put them on a checklist. Crossing things off of checklists brings me such satisfaction, it’s hard to express. I usually don’t even just check the item of the list. I scratch it off. Over and over again. Bury the item in a pile of ink, completely obliterate it. I like checklists.

I also like threes. I’m an only child, so my nuclear family is three. It’s a familiar number. When I write a paper or make a presentation I try to organize my information into three broad themes or points, ideally each with, you guessed it, three sub-points.

Which brings me to running. This program (see last week’s post) is prefect. It is nine weeks long–divisible by three. Each week includes three running days. Each running day has specific sets of walking and running. So from the smallest level (run 3 minutes, walk 90 seconds), to the end goal (running in the 5K on Thanksgiving), I have easily measurable goals, and the threes help me keep them organized. It was thinking about running in these terms that helped me get through this week, which turned out not to be that bad at all.

Monday started out slow, but as I reached the last running interval, I felt like I could have kept on running long after the timer said to start walking for cool down. Which made Wednesday and today much better.

On Wednesday, I was actually excited thinking about the fact that as soon as I got out of my class at six, I would go out for a run. I usually bum a ride from a friend, but she couldn’t drive me that day. So not only did I run, I went for an extended walk ahead of time. I can’t get enough of this time outside.

Last night I ended up in bed really late. I was worried I wouldn’t get up with enough time to run and get everything done that I needed to before heading out of town. But I woke up around seven. And I could not go back to sleep. Finally, I gave up, changed into my running clothes, and left. And it was a great.

So, at the end of week three, I’m excited to say that I’m 1/3 of the way through the program.  The thing with sticking to each day, and accomplishing it, is that it builds confidence. I’m so excited about this. I feel as if I’m developing a skill I should have acquired a long time ago. And it’s thrilling.

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