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A BookWom Birthday

At my age, birthdays usually give way from parties and presents to dinners out and someone else doing the chores for the evening. So imagine my surprise when I arrived home yesterday (my birthday) to find a box from Amazon waiting on our stoop. “Did you order anything?” my husband […]

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4 Reasons to Read With Your Ears

If it had not been for on-line digital libraries, I probably would not have embraced audio books the way that I have. As a child, my parents purchased numerous audio children’s books that had a corresponding hard copy book, and whenever the special little jingle rang, I knew it was […]

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Remember the Library

Even though we had shelves and shelves full of books in our own home, there was something enchanting about going to the library. The one at school was exciting, though small, and quickly its contents were essentially memorized. My high school’s library lacked charm, given it was the access point […]

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My Beloved World

Sonia Sotomayor, My Beloved World, New York: Penguin Random House, 2013. Rita Moreno, narrator, Random House, Inc., 2013.  Justice Sotomayor’s moving memoir is a perfect example of why biographies should make up a portion of a reader’s regular literary diet. Biographies and memoirs provide inspiration and motivation, either out of […]

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In Defense of E-Books

Full disclosure: I actually prefer print books over e-books. I think every true bibliophile does. Jelia has offered a critique of the developing medium, so I have decided to write my defense of e-books. More disclosure, I have owned a Kindle for the last four years, and I have read the […]