Remember the Library

Even though we had shelves and shelves full of books in our own home, there was something enchanting about going to the library. The one at school was exciting, though small, and quickly its contents were essentially memorized. My high school’s library lacked charm, given it was the access point to several of the humanities class rooms. The local public library never lost its ability to please, even after I moved back to my hometown, jobless after law school.  And then there were the libraries in college and law school. Overwhelming. So. Many. Books.

But it was in college and law school where I stopped using libraries as a place to check out books for pleasure, and rather used them as a place to collect research and references for my next upcoming paper.

When I received a Kindle as a gift for my law school graduation, though, I re-encountered the public library. This time to sign up for access to the digital catalog. I really need to start utilizing the physical collection too, but to date that has not yet happened. A few items on my reading list are not available on-line, though, so this may end up happening soon.

Anyways, this got me thinking. For any reader out there, whether in school or not, don’t forget your library!

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