The Move: Preparations

I started this blog when I moved to Charlottesville three years ago in August. Hard to believe, but in three weeks I’ll be moving away. Where to? I don’t know…but my lease is up and I’ve graduated, so that means it’s time to go. I’ve definitely been thinking about Abraham the last few weeks as I anticipate a move to I-don’t-know-where.

So I need to start packing. I considered buying some boxes from moving stores, and though they were inexpensive, I had a feeling all of those costs would add up. I remembered that when my parents and I moved when I was a teenager, they used a bunch of boxes from copy centers they used to pack up our belongings. This afternoon, taking a break from studying from the bar (ugh), I called every copy shop I could think of in Charlottesville, but none of them had leftover boxes.

What to do? Ask for some help. On Facebook. And my friends did not let me down! Their ideas were so helpful, I thought I would share them for reference sake. 🙂

  • Grocery Stores (number one suggestion by my friends, especially egg boxes)
  • VA ABC* (number two suggestion, but not if going to mail boxes)
  • K-Mart and Walmart on shipment days
  • Sam’s Club
  • Craig’s List (free section)
  • Nursing Homes
  • Barnes and Noble (book boxes)

*ABC. For Adventist readers, the friend was not suggesting the Adventist Book Center, but a liquor store. The two should not be confused (thus why the boxes cannot be sent via mail unless covered). For non-Adventist readers, Adventists know ABCs as the above mentioned Adventist Book Center. So don’t be surprised if you hear one say “I’m heading to the ABC to pick something up!” Of course, the Adventist ABC being a book store, they probably would have good boxes too…

Last night I packed my first suitcase, and now that I have a bunch of (free) boxes, I think tonight I am going to pack my bookshelves. I definitely glad I deCluttered at the beginning of the year, though now I wish I had gotten rid of more stuff so I would have less to pack.

Hopefully packing bit by bit over the next few weeks will make moving less jarring than trying to do it in three days, giving me to adjust and absorb that it’s time to be new at something again.


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